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The Confluence Project Windows at Roosevelt High School (and an Artcast update)

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Bonjour, Hank followers!  I am the new co-conspirator on the Henrys blog, mostly here to assist Henry staff in making their contributions to this site.  However, I will also post from time to time, regarding the podcasting project I am assisting the Henry to develop. 

The current status of the Henry Artcasts is we are looking to collaborate with UW professors from Art History and other departments in a series of discussions.  These talks will involve "close-lookings" at different pieces in upcoming Henry exhibitions, in an attempt to answer the question of contemporary arts relevance “today”.   More information should emerge in the very near future, but if you have not listened to our current talk with Akio Takamori, you can do so here.

But the real reason for this posting is the following update from Tamara Moats, the Henrys Curator of Education, on a project at Roosevelt High School that developed out of the Maya Lin exhibition:

"It was my great fortune to visit the beautiful, newly remodeled Roosevelt High School last week, and to see the magnificent Confluence windows that are now installed in the Commons. To say I was impressed with the students work, and art teacher Cecelia Ottos leadership in organizing it, is putting it mildly.  I can say without a doubt that this installation is one of the most impressive student art projects I have ever seen.  It is extraordinary how Otto led the project to etched glass windows, how she followed the Confluence themes of the history of the Pacific Northwest, Native American cultures, and the arrival of Lewis and Clark, and how she brought these elements together to have the students create something so aesthetically pleasing and thematically important.

I am especially impressed by the way the windows showcase studentscreative abilities and demonstrate their varying approaches to the themes and the media of glass.  Each window is distinctive, but they make an incredible cohesive whole, particularly with regard to the color choices.  Artist Dick Weiss helped teach the method, and leaded the pieces together, creating an elegant transition from inside the Commons to the plaza outside.

I was the one who brought the grant possibility of this project to Roosevelt, through the Henrys partnership with Roosevelt, and our exhibition of Maya Lins work on the Confluence Project along the Columbia River.  It takes an incredible about of extra time and effort to take on a project like this, and.Cecelia is to be greatly commended for her extraordinary overtime put into this project.  She and her students have contributed an important permanent legacy to Roosevelt.  I am
delighted to see the school take such great advantage of the Confluence education program, and to be so deeply committed to the arts in the curriculum".




erin l.