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2003 Exhibitions:

HOVER: Polly Apfelbaum and Pae White

Polly Apfelbaum came to international recognition with installations of what later became her signature material and technique: hundreds of pieces of hand-cut dyed velvet, placed on a floor in highly organized patterns of shape and color. Apfelbaum’s installation “Flying Hearts”, exhbited in “Hover”, evokes qualities inherent in Islamic art, patchwork quilts, and kitschy black-velvet paintings.
Pae White’s dense paper and string mobiles give a nod to Alexander Calder’s mobiles, as well as Marimekko’s organic textile designs, but could also be seen as “paintings in space”-dense color fields recalling pointillism, pixels, or camouflage patterns.
With a textile work resting on the floor and a paper mobile hanging nearby, “HOVER: Polly Apfelbaum and Pae White” explored connections between two contemporary artists whose work revels in its hybridism, fragility, and extreme beauty. Both works have a strong sense of spectacle and movement, consisting of hundreds of fragments that make up a whole. While neither work is a painting, each refers to the language of painting.

Pamela Meredith, Assistant Curator
Support for the exhibition is provided by the Contemporary Art Fund. Works in this exhibition are owned by The Henry Art Gallery, excepting Pae White’s Grotto, Collection of Rebecca and Alexander Stewart.
Featured artists: Polly Apfelbaum and Pae White