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2013 University of Washington MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition

Stroum Gallery

May 25, 2013June 23, 2013

Image 1 / 2: Travis-David Smith.

Image 2 / 2: Kari Gaynor.

The Henry presents the University of Washington’s School of Art Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design annual exhibition. Throughout their program, students work with advisers and other artists to develop advanced techniques, expand concepts, discuss critical issues, and emerge with a vision and direction for their own work. Pieces in the exhibition are selected with assistance from Jim Rittimann, Head Preparator and Exhibition Designer.

Students presenting work:
Jared Bender // Phillip Carpenter // Carly Cummings // Lacy Draper // Mike Fretto // Kari Gaynor // Dakota Gearhart // Meg Hartwig // Margarita Iordache // Dave Kennedy // Stephanie Klausing // Josh Nelson // Adriel Rollins // Travis-David Smith // Melanie Wang // Marcus Watson // Ryan Weatherly

Organized by Henry Head Preparator and Exhibition Designer Jim Rittimann.
Featured artists: Jared Bender, Phillip Carpenter, Carly Cummings, Lacy Draper, Mike Fretto, Kari Gaynor, Dakota Gearhart, Meg Hartwig, Margarita Iordache, Dave Kennedy, Stephanie Klausig, Josh Nelson, Adriel Rollins, Travis-David Smith, Melanie Wang, Marcus Watson, Ryan Weatherly
Image 1: Travis-David Smith. Photo: Dan Bennett
Image 2: Kari Gaynor. Photo: Dan Bennett