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Participate in "the common S E N S E"

Ann Hamilton believes in collaboration. To create this exhibition, she sought out fellow artists, curators, architects, designers, librarians, and now YOU.

We invite you to visit our Tumblr site Readers Reading Readers and share a selection from your own reading that describes an exchange of touch. the common S E N S E references Aristotle’s proposition in Historia Animalium and De Anima that “touch” is the sense common to all animal species.

Your selection could be a short paragraph or just a few words, and may be taken from any source material; for example, a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a letter, or from an online or digital source. Over the course of the exhibition, contributions will be printed out on individual sheets of paper and distributed throughout the Henry galleries for visitors to assemble into an individualized commonplace book and guide to
the common S E N S E.

A commonplace book, originating in the ancient idea of loci communes, or “common places,” is a tool for collecting and organizing excerpts from books and other written works that provide its reader with easy access to ideas or arguments for a variety of situations.

“Just as a book connects the near at hand to the far away,” Hamilton notes. "Touch transverses our interior and exterior worlds.”

Contribute to Readers Reading Readers become a part of the collaboration.


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