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Past Programs:

Aperture West Lectures

Aperture West lectures at the Henry Art Gallery are free talks with contemporary photographers. Aperture West was officially launched in 2002 to reactivate Aperture’s relationship with the photography community west of the Mississippi, especially in California, where 40% of Aperture subscribers reside. Though now well-entrenched in New York, Aperture was started in San Francisco through the efforts of Minor White, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, Dody Weston Thompson, Ernest Louie, Melton Ferris, and Beaumont and Nancy Newhall. To acknowledge the distinctive work that is being created in the western states, Aperture has initiated placement of traveling exhibitions, educational programming including the Aperture West Collaborative series, and a one-on-one portfolio review program to make Aperture an active presence in the photography communities in California, Washington, Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, and beyond.

Past Aperture West Lectures