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Open Floor - October 28

Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Henry Auditorium
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Image 1 / 3: Allyce Wood for Open Floor.

Image 2 / 3: Michael Barkin for Open Floor.

Image 3 / 3: Michael Rioux for Open Floor.

In this continuing program for the presentation of unconventional works, we present a forum for lectures, debates, and discussions to foster a dialogue between artist and audience, art and its cultural context.

This month, Open Floor focuses on the image. Topics will range from epistomology to form, and from images in sequence to music and dance.

Featured artists include:

Michael Barkin, Photographer and student of the UW Information School, discussing mass media, distribution channels and audience. The framing images for his topic are 20 images taken by Barkin at the World Trade Organization protests here in Seattle in 1999.

Michael Rioux, visual artist and dancer, will be improvising a performance in collaboration with musician Mikhail Kaschock, based on a series of images and the imagined connections, narratives, and conclusions to be drawn there-from.

Allyce Wood, printmaker, sculptor, and student at Cornish College of the Arts will present
a slide show, and selected videos from recent travels in the grasslands and mountains of Colorado.

For more info, visit the Open Floor Website.

Featured artists: Allyce Wood, Mikhail Kaschock, Michael Rioux, Michael Barkin
Image 1: Allyce Wood for Open Floor.
Image 2: Michael Barkin for Open Floor.
Image 3: Michael Rioux for Open Floor.

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